"The Grand" Stage 2

Construction Phase of an up-market development of two townhouses

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Fixed Return
$80,000 raised of $80,000

Funding Closed
* Note that this is a No Obligation Expression of interest, you get to review the Investment Offer before making any decisions
** The information provided on this webpage is only a summary of the offer and may not contain all the information needed to determine if this offer is right for you. You should read the Investment Offer in its entirety which can be downloaded in the Downloads section below as well as on the Project application page once you press the Interest button.


Project Summary

for whom


A two townhouse development. This is the Ground Floor Plan showing the site layout




Security is the property being developed



Investor Distribution

Profit distribution will be on or before June 2019

Suburb Profile

5 Grand Boulevard , Montmorency, 3094, Australia

for whom


Montmorency is small suburb and is becoming a sought after location. There is strong demand for "Down-sizers" wanting to stay in the area and from Professionals seeking up-market accommodation in quiet surroundings well serviced in terms of lifestyle amenities.

This is the announcement of the successful 17 February auction, just around the corner from 5 Grand Boulevard




Montmorency is located 18 km north-east of Melbourne CBD. It is a small, but hilly residential suburb with a number of parks along the Plenty River which forms the western border of the suburb. It has a large skilled workforce with over 30% employed as managers, administrators and professionals.

Investment Profile



This offer is for Wholesale Investors
See Investment Memorandum (Sec 3.0) for eligibility to invest

Unit in a Unit Trust



Security is the property being developed

expected returns

Expected Returns

A fixed 18% return within 12 months for Stage 2 of the project - the Construction phase

returns paid as

Return Paid As

Cash After-Tax franked distribution



Tax paid at Company rate by the Fund

Project Profile



Ricard Property 201502#01 Fund. This Fund is the mechanism that allows investors to share as joint owners of a project. Returns will always be higher than usual because investors are not funding someone else's project in exchange for a return. Rather, they are funding their own project.



12 Months


Current Status

Land has been acquired, Council advertising is under way and issue of a Planning Permit is expected in May 2018.



There is a strong profit outcome from this development. Attractive treed site, refined design and strong market demand for the dwellings being constructed.



The usual Planning, Construction and Sales risks common to any development apply. The project team has de-risked the project as far as practicable - Planning risk is reduced by a conservative building design ensuring low building density and retention of the trees which are a feature of the site. Soil is not contaminated and no basement means a simpler construction phase. There is strong demand for the style of dwellings being constructed and the two townhouses may be sold off-the-plan before construction commences. However auction results are extremely strong so consideration is being given to selling on completion.


How To Invest

Arrange Electronic Funds Transfer ( Cleared Funds)

BankBendigo Bank
Account Name
BSB 633000
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Funding Closed
* Note that this is a No Obligation Expression of interest, you get to review the Investment Offer before making any decisions

Project FAQs

What is the Ricard Property Fund ?

It is a Unit Trust. Ricard Securities Pty Ltd holds an Australian Financial Services License to create the Trust and acts as Trustee to control and manage every aspect of its operation

Who can Invest ?

Sophisticated investors have unlimited opportunity to invest. Smaller and less sophisticated first-time investors investors can invest to a limited extent. - that is why a reduced allocation is on offer. It can be less restrictive for second or third time investors and the Trustee will guide you.

Is there a cooling-off period ?

No - so please make sure you wish to proceed

When does the investment commence ?

Your entitlement to the return commences from the date you invest

Can I withdraw my money early ?

Normally no. However in hardship cases the Trustee may be able to find a replacement investor to facilitate early exit with a discount applied to the expected return

How secure is my investment ?

The project asset is the property being developed but there is no guarantee as to the returns or no loss of capital. It's like owning any investment property (existing dwelling) - there is no rental or occupancy guarantee or certainty that the property could be sold for more than the purchase price.

If there is a problem who do I contact ?

The Trustee has total legal responsibility for the operation of the Fund. Fund documentation has details of what to do if you have an issue needing resolution.

More questions/comments/concerns? You can post them here